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Colon Hydrotherapy

The Significance & Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Want to feel younger, be more flexible and have better skin tone? Want to feel more energetic rather than feeling stiff, tired and toxic? Periodic cleansing of the colon with colon hydrotherapy removes toxins, minimizes the risk of potentially harmful diseases, and prevents stagnation in the colon. This particular type of therapy has beneficial and therapeutic effects on the large intestine and lymphatic system while boosting the immune system. To fully reap the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, more than one session will be needed due to its cumulative effects. After experiencing colon hydrotherapy, clients often report feeling lighter. The result is a cleaner and healthier you!

Colon Cancer is the number two killer of Americans today. In addition, Americans spend 400 million dollars per year on laxatives to ease the stress and pressure of constipation in the colon. According to medical studies, anywhere from 5 to 25 pounds of impacted waste material may be found in the colon. Prescription medications, food products that lack fiber, refined products such as fast foods and those that contain sugar increase the likelihood that one will have impacted waste. This impacted waste material often has the consistency of cement or “black tar encrusted into the walls of the colon like bark on a tree.”

Impacted waste material, along with low water intake and a lack of exercise have proven to slow the transit time of the bowel. As a result, this leads to constipation and putrification or rotting waste in the colon and in the body. To counteract such conditions, daily elimination becomes important to one’s health and survival.

How Does it Work?

Many clients associate colon hydrotherapy, or a colonic, with having a colonoscopy. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the entire colonic session is easy and non-invasive for the client. No metal instruments are used, so there is no risk of perforation. Furthermore, there is no high pressure or bloating, often associated with a colonoscopy. Plus, certified trained therapists operate the equipment and use disposable products to avoid any possible contamination and transmission of bacteria. These measures are taken to ensure the comfort, safety and protection of the client.

The therapist uses a pressurized system with gentle, low pressure, which is ideal for client use in colon hydrotherapy. A low pressure system allows the water to enter the colon, thereby “sneaking in” before the colon can contract and stop its flow. Unlike other methods, a low pressure system allows the water to reach colon, so that the entire large intestine is cleansed. Contrary to popular belief, colon hydrotherapy does not deplete or drain the colon of minerals. Purified water contains minerals and is also used to hydrate the colon.

In preparation for colon hydrotherapy, the client reclines comfortably and the therapist begins by inserting a small speculum into the client’s rectum. The colon is cleansed with purified water. Any odor and any fecal matter are emptied through a closed system that goes directly into the sewer system. Therapist throw away all disposable items and disinfects the equipment.

Should I Go For It?

Timely cleansing with colon hydrotherapy offers numerous benefits to the human body while promoting good health and healing. So, if you’re feeling fatigued, sluggish, constipated and weighed down, consider colon hydrotherapy as one option for better health.

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