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Help for Seniors (and Boomers) Who Plan to Move

Moving is stressful at any age.  As a matter of fact, it is ranked 3rd on the list of life stressors, after death and divorce.

So it's not surprising that many empty-nesters who might otherwise consider downsizing and moving feel overwhelmed by the prospect.  While they would really like to move to something more manageable, they don't know where to begin.  Their biggest worry is "what am I going to do with all my stuff?"

Help is available

Often the adult children or other relatives would like to help but they work full-time or live outside the area.  And many seniors say they really don't want to burden family with helping them with the move.

Don't worry.  Help is available!  There is now a service industry that works to reduce the stress and anxiety (as well as the physical burden) associated with downsizing and moving.  Who knew?

These "senior move managers" help older adults and their families prepare for and actually make the move.  Services include planning, move coordination, pre-move sorting, organizing, floor planning for the new residence, donating items not needed, shipping contents to family members, and more.

Planning and implementation

Often the preparation includes getting the home ready for the market.  Realtors will tell you to "de-clutter" and de-personalize."  And this doesn't mean just putting everything in a storage unit.  Why pay for storage if you don't have to?  And, do you really want to stand on a concrete floor in the cold of winter or the heat of summer and go through boxed contents to make decisions later? 

Instead, developing a floor plan that shows what you have room for in the new home (both in the furniture you take and the closets, cabinets and other storage at your destination) will help you make sound decisions about what to take.  The rest can go to family, get sold, donated, or removed.  Move managers can help with the entire process.

Support on move day

Probably the part that excites seniors and their families the most is the help with the actual move -- packing, overseeing movers, unpacking and settling in.  You have compassionate and skilled assistance with packing your selected belongings.  And, as the moving van pulls away, you're not left surrounded by a tower of packed boxes. 

Instead, the people who packed for you will unpack your things and settle you in, so that that all the boxes are emptied and removed, and everything is put away.  Beds are made, contents are back in the cabinets and on shelves, towels hung in the bathroom, dressers tops set up the way the way you had them, lamps assembled.  Now that's the way to move!

You can do it!

While you might think a stress-free move is an oxymoron, a senior move manager has the experience and compassionate staff that can make it manageable. There are now more than 500 senior move managers in the U.S. and Canada.  Find out more by linking to the website for the National Association of Senior Move Managers ( 

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