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Help for Medicare Beneficiaries

The Cape May County Department of Aging is proud to provide programs to help older adults. One of the programs, SHIP – State Health Insurance Assistance and Counseling Program – is designed to assist Medicare beneficiaries in making informed decisions about Medicare, Medigap, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Prescription Plans (Part D). SHIP staff is trained to provide objective, confidential one-on-one help to Medicare beneficiaries who have questions or problems with their health insurance choices, claims and appeals. The Cape May County Department of Aging has experienced SHIP counselors who offer free and confidential one-on-one counseling and assistance making healthcare choices for people with Medicare. In addition, they provide information and assistance for beneficiaries with limited income and resources in applying for Extra Help paying for prescriptions and Medicare Part B premiums and other special benefits programs.

If you are a Medicare beneficiary who feels overwhelmed by health and prescription insurance plan choices, need assistance in choosing the right coverage, have questions about a claim, SHIP counselors are ready and willing to provide FREE and personalized help answering your questions. They will help you understand your healthcare choices and choose a plan to meet your needs. Also, SHIP counselors can inform you about changes in Medicare. If you want to learn about an annual wellness visit, preventive benefits and how to help fight Medicare fraud and abuse, SHIP counselors are here to assist you. Take advantage of these services!

Mark your calendars—Fall Open Enrollment Period is earlier now! It begins on October 15th! This year from October 15th to December 7th Medicare beneficiaries can review, compare and change how they receive their Medicare coverage and change, add or drop their drug coverage. It is worth it to take time to compare coverage options for the upcoming year!  Call your local SHIP counselor for assistance in making health and prescription insurance choices for 2012!

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