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Why a Geriatric Rehab Facility?
Simple: It Could Be Crucial to the Best Possible Recovery

Ours is a world of specialization, and rehabilitation is no exception. When it comes to rehabilitation for older adults, choosing a geriatric specialist can be a telling factor in the patient’s rehab success.

Therapists are not only experts in addressing the special challenges of geriatric rehab, they deliver services within established, long-term care facilities designed specifically to care for older adults. The long-term, skilled nursing setting ensures that in addition to comprehensive rehab services, older patients have immediate access to around-the-clock nursing, a range of complex clinical services should they be needed, and an environment specifically suited to their needs.

Geriatric rehab “haves and have nots”

If Mom or Dad requires rehab, choosing the right rehab facility can make a real difference in the speed and quality of his or her recovery. Check to see if the facilities you are considering have the following services and features, if not, you may want to consider alternatives.

It is also important to note that while geriatric rehab services are provided within the nursing facility, these patients are treated separately from the facility’s long-term resident population. Whether in an individual wing, unit, or designated set of rooms, rehab patients stay in separate accommodations, with access to specialized services, programs and amenities. This structure is designed not only to promote comfort and privacy during a patient’s stay, but to allay the worries of those who may think they are being sent to “a nursing home” from which they may never return.

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