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What is A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

A Continuing Care Retirement Community is a special type of retirement community for persons 65 and older that offers different levels of healthcare in one setting. This is Personal Care living for people who require help with their activities of daily living, and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation for both short- and long-term stays in the Health Center. The CCRC contract provides for the specif ied provisions using a payment plan based on a one-time entrance fee and monthly service fee based on the level of care needed.

There are many benefits to a CCRC program. It provides you with the security of knowing that if you need Personal Care or Skilled Nursing Care and Rehabilitation, it is available on a priority access basis and you will not have to move to another community or facility. All CCRC Residents have the knowledge that they have access to Personal Care and Skilled Nursing Care and Rehabilitation for the rest of their lives, even if they outlive their financial resources.

You can also potentially save on taxes. The IRS may recognize a percentage of both the Entrance Fee and the Monthly Service Fee as a pre-paid medical expense deduction. You may contact your tax consultant for details.

How does it work? The Resident is evaluated to determine exactly what level of care is needed at the time of entering the CCRC program. An initial Entrance Fee is required upon entering the program and varies depending on the level of care necessary. The resident is also awarded a reduced Monthly Service Fee. Even when you exhaust your financial resources, the facility will assist in applying for assistance. Depending on how long care is needed, there may be a refund if not all the fees are utilized for your stay.

For further information regarding the CCRC Program at Mon Valley Care Center, please call us at 724-310-1111,

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