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Senior Citizen's Guide to Boston

Financial Resources in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts Area

Please refer to the following list of mortgage companies, financial advisors, tax counselors, retirement planners, and other financial resources in Boston (including Middlesex, Norfolk, parts of Plymouth Suffolk and parts of Essex Counties in Massachusetts) that focus on the financial needs of senior citizens (older adults & the elderly).


Carteret Mortgage Corporation
1537 Caswell St.
Raleigh, NC 27608
Office: 919-828-4224 • Cell: 919-264-6212
Fax: 919-882-9200 • Pager: 1-800-314-5250

— If you are a homeowner 62 or older, a reverse mortgage could be the way to supplement your retirement income. Call us at 1-800-314-5250 to learn how much tax-free cash may be available to you.


Go Direct®
800-333-1795 •
— Seniors can prevent identity theft by switching to direct deposit, which eliminates the risk of stolen checks and forgeries. It's also easier and more convenient than paper checks, because the payment goes straight into your bank account. It's fast, easy and free to switch to direct deposit.

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