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Senior Fitness Programs in Chicago
Exercise Classes & Wellness Programs for Older Adults

Please refer to the following list of fitness centers, senior fitness programs, exercise classes designed for older adults, and wellness programs in the Chicago area (specifically Cook County) that focus on the health and wellness needs of senior citizens (older adults and the elderly). These physical fitness services have chosen to participate in the Senior Citizen's Guide to Chicago.


Request InformationemailRead Profile iStand Falls Prevention Exercise Program by HoliVision, Inc. or

— The iStand Falls Prevention Exercise Program is the first mobile application for a simple exercise routine to help millions of seniors who are at risk for, and who experience life-threatening falls every year. The program utilizes a technology that can easily reach seniors who own a computer or tablet, and incorporates two of the most highly-recommended exercise programs in the world, Tai Chi and the Otago Exercise Program (OEP). OEP was designed by specialists at Otago University in New Zealand. The innovative iStand program is also available on DVD.

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