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Senior Citizen's Guide to Chicago

Other Helpful Organizations in Chicago

AARP – 866-448-3613

Bloom Township Senior Services – 708-754-9000

Blue Island Senior Citizens Project – 708-537-8608

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese – 847-797-5321

Catholic Charities – 773-583-9224

The Center of Concern – 847-823-0453

Council For Jewish Elderly – 773-508-1000

Chicago Fitness Plus Program – 312-744-4016

Chicago Urban League – 773-285-5800

Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago – 312-939-5115

Employment Services – 312-744-4016

Foster Grandparent Program – 312-744-3221

Gatekeeper Program – 312-744-4016
— As a coordinator partnership of the City of Chicago, Commonwealth Edison and People's Gas, this program is designed to provide assistance to vulnerable elderly persons.

Goodwill Industries – 773-863-6030

Golden Diners Program – 312-744-4016
— For many senior citizens, cooking for themselves is difficult and frustrating, which is why they often miss out on proper nutrition. With hot, healthy meals at over eighty dining sites throughout the city, as will as recreational and education programs, Golden Diners is an easy way to get the good meals senior citizens need.

Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation – 312-346-6700

Illinois Retiree Chapter 31 – 312-641-6060

In-Home Services – 312-744-4016
— Homebound senior citizens are often unable to do their own housekeeping and chores. Chore Workers can be sent to their homes to perform household tasks.

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois – 773-734-1400

Metropolitan Family Services – 312-986-4444

Mayor Daley's Light Up Chicago Volunteer Program – 312-742-6455

Meals on Wheels – 312-744-2120

Resident Service Coordination Program – 312-744-4016
— Low-income residents of senior housing can decrease isolation by accessing government services with this special program. Service coordination staff, located within the developments, provides daily assistance to residents so they can enjoy special life enrichment activities such as recreational social programs.

Red Tape Cutters Program – 312-744-4016
— As a senior citizen, it's hard to know exactly which benefits you're entitled to: that's why the CDOA works to help link senior citizens to the appropriate city, state and federal benefits and entitlements. One simple, comprehensive application is used to screen senior citizens for a multitude of services.

Respite Care – 312-744-4016

Senior Companion Program – 312-744-3221

United Way Chicago – 312-906-2350

YMCA Training Alliance – 312-913-2150

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