Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland

23 www. BoomersResourceGuide .com Boomers Resource Guide • Winter/Spring 2017-18 23 Task Four: Give special memen- tos to children, grandchildren and friends. Arts and crafts, family photos. • This process may alleviate the emotional stress associated with breaking ties to the fam- ily home. • Have children sort: take now, take next time, give away, and throw away. Task Five:Throw-Out Strategies. • Is it worth the cost and effort to pack, move, and unpack? • If it has not been touched for a year, throw it out. • Resist the “I might need this someday” mindset. • Still not sure? Put it in an un- labeled box. Date and seal the box. If unopened a year later, throw it away unopened. Task Six: Space Planning. • Measure new space. • Measure existing furniture. • Use graph paper to draw room di- mensions and position furniture. • Facility may have space plan- ning assistance. Due to the limited scope of this article I was unable to elaborate in more detail about the process. To receive more complete information about downsizing please request a free copy of my E-report “Selling a Loved One’s Home,” at