Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland Spring/Summer 2016 - page 11
it’s most treatable. Preventive care mammograms are
covered by Medicare at no extra cost and they generally
take less than 20 minutes. Considering the prevalence
of breast cancer in older women, it’s one of the best
things they can do for their health.
Although there are many reasons why a woman gets
breast cancer, including some outside of her control,
certain lifestyle changes can help reduce risk.
Get exercise.
Some MA plans include a free gym
membership to encourage exercise.
Keep a healthy weight, especially later in life. Local
social services organizations may be available for those
who need help finding nutritious meals.
Limit alcohol.
Medicare offers counseling to those
who need help to quit drinking.
Don’t smoke or quit if you do.
A study by
American Cancer Society found that current smokers
had a 12 percent higher risk of breast cancer than
women who never smoked. Medicare covers smoking
cessation products for those who need them.
Talk to a doctor.
Finally, and perhaps most
importantly, it is critical to discuss with your doctor the
need to get regular mammograms.
Anyone who is concerned about breast cancer, or
who has symptoms, such as a lump, swelling, redness
or irritation, should contact their doctor. For more
information about breast cancer, you can visit
Article written by Dr. Barry Malinowski, Medical Director, Anthem Blue
Cross and Blue Shield in Ohio
This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not
be interpreted as medical advice. Please consult your health care provider
for advice about treatments that may affect your health.
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