Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland Spring/Summer 2016 - page 16

for the senior client. They have
the ability to listen to the requests
of the senior client, and also the
concerns of the family members
that may also be involved with
this move.
A Senior Real Estate Specialist
will not only provide assistance
with the choice of a new home,
whether it be to downsize or move
to some type of assisted living
community, but they will also
guide with the traumatic effects of
selling the family home.
Moving from a family home,
whether you have lived there 20
or 40 years, means moving from
a place of emotional comfort to a
strange dimension. It is important
to move the memories. Memories
are not only to be cherished, but
they are the foundation for the
exciting adventure in your new
home. Take time to select items to
move that mean the most to you.
A Senior Real Estate Specialist
has a team that will work with their
clients. They have professionals that
will help select items to move, sell,
or donate.Theywill see that all items
selected will fit in the new residence.
They not only help with the sort-
ing, packing, and moving, they also
unpack and make sure the first day
in their new home is comfortable.
There are several dimensions
to a Senior Real Estate Special-
ist. The SRES will make recom-
mendations as to what repairs
are required, see that the clutter
is removed from the home, check
the maintenance on all appliances,
and overall list what is needed to
prepare the home for sale. Again,
a Senior Real Estate Specialist
will have professionals available to
make the necessary repairs. With
the right planning, organizing, and
professional help, the move will
be less stressful and allow you to
enjoy your new home.
Should the move be one of ne-
cessity to a skilled nursing facility,
a Senior Real Estate Specialist will
see that all documents are prepared
for the family members that may
have to sell the home.
A SRES not only has valu-
able knowledge of the real estate
market, but also through experi-
ence has established a network of
professionals: Attorneys, CPA’S,
Financial Managers, Movers,
Contractors, and Health Care
A Senior Real Estate Special-
ist will always care for the senior
client with respect and dignity.
Care, Compassion, and Career
Experience are the qualities that
set a SRES apart in the Real Estate
Editorial provided by Lee F. Hronek,
Broker, SRES, Kolo-Hronek Realty
in Seven Hills, Ohio.
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