Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland Spring/Summer 2016 - page 18

ferred; ideals are being passed on to
the next generation as well.
You can start the conversation
yourself. Do you know the chari-
table organizations that mean the
most to the people closest to you?
Ask and then share yours. Share
why these causes hold such mean-
ing for you by connecting them to
values or family stories. Offer to
visit and learn about the causes that
they cherish and in turn invite them
to learn about yours. Communicate
about the role of money in your life.
What message did your parents
give you about money? What mes-
sage have you tried to give your
children? Is the message you chose
to give your children different from
the one you received from your
parents? How have these money
messages played out in your life in
terms of shaping your personality
and decisions?
Being the sandwich generation
means understanding the legacies,
stories and messages you have
received as well as clarifying and
articulating those you wish to con-
vey. As a baby boomer, you may
be lucky enough to share with and
learn from both the generation be-
fore and the next generation as well.
Article provided
by Ann Garson,
Managing Director
of Funds and
Foundations at the
Jewish Federation of
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