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Boomers Resource Guide
• Spring/Summer 2016
The Corporation for National
and Community Service (CNCS)
reported that 1 in 4Americans vol-
unteered through an organization
and 3 in 5 helped their neighbors
in 2014.
CNCS indicates that “Older
Americans, including Baby Boom-
ers (born between 1945 and 1964)
and members of the Silent Genera-
tion (born between the mid-1920’s
and early 1940’s), tend to volun-
teer more hours. In 2014, the age
groups with the highest median
hours among volunteers were ages
65-74 (81 hours) and those 75 and
older (100+).”
“I enjoy tutoring. I like working
with the children. I especially enjoy
the connections I have reached with
other tutors.” says AARP Experi-
ence Corps literacy tutor, Calvin
Leonard, age 67. In his 12 years
tutoring he finds the interactions
with students, school staff and fel-
low tutors priceless.
Tom McKee, author of “The
New Breed, Understanding and
Equipping the 21st Century Vol-
unteer” identifies three levels of
• Basic Level:
the self-serving drive
• Secondary Level:
the relational drive
• Highest Level:
the belief drive
McKee notes the Secondary
Level motivation; people also vol-
unteer because of friendship. “When
a friend personally asks someone to
volunteer, it is often hard to say, ‘no’
if the friend is excited about a certain
cause, he or she is the best person to
do recruiting.”
The Cleveland Foundation saw
the impact people age 50+ have
made in their communities. To pro-
mote the opportunities, the Cleve-
land Foundation has issued grants
to nonprofit agencies to promote
employment or volunteer opportu-
nities to citizens age 50+ with The
Encore Cleveland initiative. This
provides an abundance of resources
to “Define your next chapter.”
One Encore grant recipient is
Greater Cleveland Volunteers
Photo credit: Dianna Kall
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