Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland Spring/Summer 2016 - page 20

Greater Cleveland Volunteers. Joy
Banish, Executive Director, says
feedback from their volunteers
confirms why the social engage-
ment is so important. “Retirees
sometimes feel conflict between
their new found sense of freedom
and a social void after retiring.
Their careers have been such a
big part of their life for so many
years they f ind they miss job-
related relationships in which
they worked together with others
to solve problems.”
Banish can give them one rem-
edy, “Volunteering can help fill
this void.” She continues, “With
so many opportunities, times,
locations and needs these factors
open up an entirely new world to
so many.”
Elaine Minch, 56, a volunteer
with Greater Cleveland Volun-
teers enjoys her assignment at
the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
+ Museum. “I volunteer with so
many wonderful people. This has
given me many opportunities for
more on and off our volunteering
hours to attend social events and
enjoy fellowship. I’ve made more
friends through volunteering than
I could have otherwise.”
Minch continues, “I think it’s
not only the other volunteers I
connected with, but people I have
met while volunteering. I’ve been
at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
+ Museum in Cleveland for nine
years. The interaction I have with
the visitors during my tours is
incredible. Every day there are
Photo credit:
Rock Hall staff
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