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The State of Ohio has worked closely with the federal
government to improve the way health care services are
provided by these programs. You will receive through
the MyCare Ohio health plan that you choose all of the
medical, behavioral and long-term services and supports
you need.
Q: I receive my health care through Medicaid
and Medicare. Do I need to sign up for MyCare
You must enroll in a MyCare Ohio plan if you:
1) are 18 or older; and 2) live in one of the 29 demon-
stration counties; and 3) currently receive services from
BOTH Medicaid and Medicare. You will receive a letter
from Ohio Medicaid asking you to choose from at least
two MyCare Ohio plans.
Q: What will happen if I do not select a MyCare
Ohio plan?
If you do not make a choice, a MyCare
Ohio plan will be selected for you. PLEASE NOTE: You
do not have to receive your Medicare benefits from your
MyCare Ohio plan. You may choose to continue to re-
ceive your Medicare benefits in the way you do today.
However, your Medicaid benefits will only be available
through the MyCare Ohio Plan you choose.
Q: Who will make my health care decisions?
YOU are in charge of your health care. MyCare Ohio
has a team approach – with you at the center. You will
be able to express your preferences and make choices
about how you want to receive your health care. You will
have a care team that consists of yourself, your fam-
ily and/or caregiver (if you wish), care managers, your
primary care doctor, any specialists and other providers.
MyCare Ohio
What You Need to Know
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