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Q: Will my benefits be different?
Your MyCare
Ohio plan will include all benefits available through
traditional Medicare and Medicaid programs, including
long-term care services and supports (if applicable), and
behavioral health services. You may also be eligible to
receive added services that your current programs can-
not offer (for example: extra dental visits), depending
on which MyCare Ohio plan you choose.
Q: How will MyCare Ohio improve my health
The MyCare Ohio program will help to make
sure you get the care you need in a more organized
way. Each person enrolled in a MyCare Ohio plan will
plan you choose will be your single point of contact to
talk about your Medicaid and Medicare benefits. By dial-
ing one phone number, you can talk to someone about
all of your health care needs. PERSON-CENTERED CARE:
The plans will provide information and help you to make
choices about your health care, provide support for you
to remain independent and in the community, and pro-
vide care management that includes face-to-face visits
in your home.
Q: How does MyCare Ohio work? When do I
need to enroll?
You will receive a letter informing
you of the date when you must enroll. This letter will
also give you instructions on how to pick a plan and how
to enroll. You will be able to enroll by phone, online, or
by mail. There will be assistance in the community to
help you understand your options.
There is no additional cost to participate in this
For more information, call the OHIO MEDICAID CONSUMER HOTLINE:
(800) 324-8680, Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. or visit online at
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