Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2016-17 Winter/Spring Edition - page 19

Boomers Resource Guide
• Winter/Spring 2016-17
“Life is like a box of chocolates,
you never know what you will get.”
This quote from the movie Forrest
Gump has more meaning with each
passing year. As we approach our
senior years, we never know what
choices will be available for us, or
even if we will have the opportunity
of choice.
Just as with any generation
there are many changes and many
choices that must be made. To the
Senior community these choices
become much more difficult be-
cause physically life has become
much more challenging and men-
tally many are not prepared to
compete with the technology that
is required in today’s world.
A Senior Real Estate Specialist
will not only help by bridging the
gap in the technology required in
today’s real estate market, but will
also provide assistance with help
for the physically challenged.
Lifestyle dictates many of our
choices. The active senior may be
able to continue with the same ac-
tivities that have made up their life
style over the years. Amove for the
active senior may be to downsize
to a smaller residence preferably
with one level. There are also many
adult communities which require
no maintenance and include many
recreational amenities.
For the physically challenged
senior there are choices that would
make life more comfortable. There
are many communities with levels
of assistance provided allowing for
independent living. It is important
to take time to look at all of the
choices with a professional in each
field. Look at each with an eye
toward future needs.
A Senior Real Estate Specialist
is a real estate agent that has edu-
cation in the divisions of housing
Senior Real Estate Specialists
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