Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2016-17 Winter/Spring Edition - page 24

role. “I wanted to contribute in a
meaningful way to the community
and knew working with children
would have the most impact.”
She immersed herself into the
training and tutoring which led to
her serving as a Literacy Booster
and Team Leader in the AARP
Foundation Experience Corps
literacy tutoring program. “I can’t
wait for school to start up again
and witness how the students
grow in their literacy skills.
Volunteer Barbara Tate beams
when we asked about her volun-
teer experiences, “I’ve met about
a million different people during
my years with Greater Cleveland
Volunteers. People of all different
backgrounds, races and personali-
ties. I know that without volun-
teering I wouldn’t have had the
chance to interact with so many
wonderful people.”
After keeping a regular volun-
teer schedule, Barbara wanted a
change. She asked about the one-
day or special event opportunities.
With so many activities going on
in the community she is able to ex-
pand her volunteering experiences
and meet, greet, laugh, smile and
help the masses.
Volunteer opportunities in
Cuyahoga County includes; work-
ing with children, assisting in hun-
ger centers, helping the homeless,
mentoring/tutoring adults, serving
in various functions at arts and
cultural organizations, executing
off ice-related needs, helping at
one-day and special events.
You could be retired, you
could be working, you could be
seeking something new or dif-
ferent in your life. If so, consider
volunteering. When you have the
flexibility and know you can wit-
ness the much-needed support and
help you are giving to nonprofits,
it’s a great feeling.
Editorial provided
by Dianna M. Kall,
Barbara Tate,Volunteer
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