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Home care agencies coordinate
the efforts of this caregiving team
to provide smooth and successful
home care experiences.
What is Home Care?
Home care encompasses a wide
range of health and social services
that can be delivered at home to
recovering, disabled or chronically
ill persons in need of medical, nurs-
ing, social or therapeutic treatment
and/or assistance with the essential
activities of daily living. Home
care is provided to families and
individuals of all ages who are chal-
lenged by a variety of health and so-
cial problems, including short and
long-term illness, injury, physical
handicaps, mental health disorders
and chemical dependencies.
Who Provides Home Care?
Home care services are pro-
vided by home care agencies. These
agencies generally fall into three
main groups: home care agen-
cies, home care aide organizations
and hospices. In the past century,
these public and private non-profit
and for-profit organizations have
centered around a core of profes-
sional nursing and home care aide
services. Home care agencies also
provide a variety of other services,
including physical, occupational
and speech therapy, and social and
nutritional care. Home care usually
requires a team effort. Depending
on a person’s needs, it may involve
professionals, paraprofessionals,
and volunteers. Before one receives
home care, a specific plan of treat-
ment should be designed by a phy-
sician, nurse, and/or medical social
worker in cooperation with the
people who will provide the care.
The team of caregivers is usually
comprised of:
• physicians
• social workers
• registered nurse (RNs)
• licensed practical nurses
• therapy specialists (physi-
cal, occupational, and speech
• dieticians and pharmacists
• home care aides and chore
• family members
• volunteers
Who Pays for Home Care
Home health care services are
reimbursed by both private and
public sources. Public third-party
payors include Medicaid, Medicare,
About Home Care
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