Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2016-17 Winter/Spring Edition - page 28

Is the agency licensed?
Ohio does not require home
health agencies to be licensed to
Is the agency accredited?
Accreditation is a voluntary
process conducted by nonprofit
professional organizations. It signi-
fies that the agency has met national
industry standards. Agencies may
be accredited by the Community
HealthAccreditation Program, The
Joint Commission, orAccreditation
Commission for Health Care. Most
agencies seek accreditation from
the organization most applicable
to their services.
Does the agency provide lit-
erature explaining its services,
eligibility requirements, fees, and
funding sources?
An annual report can provide
helpful information about the
agency. Many providers supply
patients with a detailed “Patient’s
Bill of Rights” that outlines the
rights and responsibilities of the
providers, patients, and caregiv-
ers alike.
Other Questions to Ask
• How does the agency select
and train its employees?
• Does it protect its workers
with written personnel poli-
cies, benefits packages, and
malpractice insurance?
• Does it run a criminal records
check on new and current
• Are the agency’s nurses or
therapists required to evaluate
the patient’s home care needs?
• If so, what does this entail?
Are the patient’s physicians and
family members consulted?
• Is the patient’s course of treat-
ment documented, detailing the
specific tasks to be carried out
by each professional caregiver?
• Is a copy of this plan given to
the patient and his/her fam-
ily member and updated as
changes occur?
• Does the agency assign super-
visors to oversee the quality of
care patients are receiving in
their homes?
• If so, how often do these in-
dividuals make visits? Whom
can you call with questions or
complaints? How are problems
followed up and resolved?
• Does the agency take time to
educate family members on
the type of care that is being
• What are the agency’s financial
• Does it provide written state-
ments that explain all the costs
and payment plan options as-
sociated with home care?
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