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• Winter/Spring 2016-17
necessitating that a ramp be built up
to the front door or up to the porch
level of a back entrance.
Installing doorways that are at
least 32-inches wide ensures that
individuals using mobility devices,
such as a wheelchair, can enter a
home. When constructing a new
home make sure to work closely
with the architect and builder to
install 32- to 36-inch doorways.
Wider doorways are preferred and
can be built at minimal extra cost.
In an existing home, widening the
doorway may not feasible or may be
cost-prohibitive. In either case, con-
sider installing swing clear hinges.
Swing clear hinges have an offset
pivot point that allows the door to
swing completely clear of the open-
ing. These hinges can add up to two
inches of clearance to a doorway,
making them easier to navigate
when using a mobility device.
A half- or full-bathroom on the
first floor is a necessity for indi-
viduals who cannot navigate stairs.
The bathroom needs to be large
enough for a wheelchair to maneu-
ver in: a 60-inch turning radius is
sufficient for most wheelchairs.Ad-
ditional accessibility features can
be incorporated into the design so
that a person seated in a wheelchair
can use the sink and toilet. The sink
should be no higher than 34 inches
and should be open underneath so
an individual using a wheelchair
can roll under. Installing grab bars
by the toilet will provide stability to
a person with a mobility disability.
Avoid placing rugs or mats in these
bathrooms as they can cause trip-
ping hazards or become stuck in
wheelchair wheels.
Whether you are building a new
home or renovating an existing one,
consider adding the three features
ofVisitability. Planning ahead helps
to reduce the costs of improvements
and makes sure that they can be eas-
ily integrated within the design of
the home. Making a home visitable
makes it more accessible for every-
one and provides lasting benefits
for current and future homeowners.
Article provided by Maximum
Accessible Housing of Ohio,
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