Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2016-17 Winter/Spring Edition - page 8

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Cleveland
to be aware of the symptoms of dementia in order to
better understand it or support someone who has it.
They include:
• Short-term memory loss:
Individuals may
remember memories from the past, but may have
forgotten what they had for lunch or even that they
had lunch.
• Difficulty completing familiar tasks:
tasks that are part of a daily routine become
increasingly hard to complete.
• Problems communicating:
Often, individuals will
know what words they want to say but are unable
to find them.
• Disorientation:
Becoming lost in a familiar place
or not understanding the amount of time that has
passed are common symptoms. Misplacing things
is, too.
• Poor judgment:
A person with dementia may
not only make common mistakes but use poor
judgment, such as venture into cold weather
without wearing a coat. They also may have
difficulty making good moral judgments.
• Problems with abstract thinking:
Dementia can
affect a person’s ability to make complex decisions
or solve complex problems.
• Mood and personality changes:
Individuals may
move through a variety of unrelated moods quickly
and without reason. They also may not “seem
themselves” and may be irritable, suspicious or
• Loss of initiative:
There may be very little
interest in starting something new or going on an
outing or short trip.
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