Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2017 Summer/Fall Edition - page 17
hourly rate for a certified home health aide is $32.37,
while the average uncertified home health aide charges
$18.57 an hour.
Hospice Care
Provides nursing care and specialized services like grief
counseling to individuals who are dying and their loved
ones. Hospice care is available in a person’s home, at a
health care facility or in a hospice center.
Rehabilitation Services
Offer different kinds of therapies (physical,
occupational and speech) at home or in a therapy center.
Active Adult Communities
Individuals over 55 may want to consider living in an
active adult community. Often described as an alternative
to single-family ownership, these communities offer
residents the option of living in a community made up
solely of other over 55 residents, as well as a range
of on-site activities and amenities. Each active adult
community is designed differently and may include
single-family homes, condominiums, town homes,
multi-family dwellings or manufactured housing units.
A community’s size, location, amenities and design will
determine their entrance fee.
Senior Housing
Senior housing is another option for people who want
to live on their own, but want to live in a community of
other seniors without the responsibility of keeping up a
house. Depending on the community, a person can rent
a senior housing apartment either at the market rate
or, if his or her income level applies, a lower rate. These
apartments are often designed with their tenants in
mind. Many feature specially designed bathroom railings
or power outlets higher up on the wall. Senior apartment
communities may also offer a 24-hour emergency call
service, transportation programs, meals service and
social activities.
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