Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2017 Summer/Fall Edition - page 21

Boomers Resource Guide
• Summer / Fall 2017
the patient’s physicians and
family members consulted?
• Is the patient’s course of treat-
ment documented, detailing
the specific tasks to be car-
ried out by each professional
• Is a copy of this plan given to
the patient and his/her fam-
ily member and updated as
changes occur?
• Does the agency assign super-
visors to oversee the quality of
care patients are receiving in
their homes?
• If so, how often do these in-
dividuals make visits? Whom
can you call with questions or
complaints? How are problems
followed up and resolved?
• Does the agency take time to
educate family members on
the type of care that is being
• What are the agency’s financial
• Does it provide written state-
ments that explain all the costs
and payment plan options as-
sociated with home care?
• What procedures are in place
to handle emergencies?
• Are the agency’s caregivers
available 24 hours a day, seven
days a week?
• How does the provider ensure
patient confidentiality?
How Can I Be Satisfied That
I’ve Found the Best Agency
for Me?
Ask the home health agency to
provide you with a list of individu-
als who are familiar with its reputa-
tion. Consult these people as well as
physicians, discharge planners, and
community leaders to help assess
the quality of service the agency
provides.Ask each person with who
you speak the following:
• Do they frequently refer clients
to this agency?
• Do they have a contractual
relationship with the provider?
• What sort of feedback have
they gotten from patients re-
ceiving care from the agency?
• Do they know of any clients the
agency has treated whose cases
are similar to yours or your
loved ones? If so, can they put
you in touch with these people?
Article from the Center for
Community Based Care and the
Ohio Council for Home Care &
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