Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2017 Summer/Fall Edition - page 26

The Corporation for
National and Community
Service (CNCS) reports
that 1 in 4 Americans
volunteered through an
organization and 3 in 5
helped their neighbors
in 2014.
The Cleveland Foun-
dation saw the impact
peopl e age 50+ have
made in the i r communi t i es .
Realizing the impact this gen-
eration can have, the Cleveland
Foundation issued g rants to
nonprof it agencies to promote
employment or volunteer op-
portunities to citizens age 50+
through The Encore Cleveland
initiative. Therefore, it provides
an abundance and cross-section
of resources to help individuals,
“Def ine your next chapter.” Founder and CEO,
Marc Freedman explains, “We are
a movement of millions of people
who are using our passions, skills
and decades of experience to
make a difference in our com-
munities and the world.”
One local Encore grant re-
cipient is Greater Cleveland
Volunteers. Their intent is to
promote volunteer opportunities
in Cuyahoga County and bring
volunteerism to the forefront of
citizens age 50+ in their com-
People volunteer for many
reasons. Joy Banish, Executive
Director, says that feedback
from their volunteers conf irms
why so many people will volun-
teer when their personal beliefs
and values mirror that of a non-
prof it organization.
“Most of our volunteers will
tell our volunteer coordinators
they want their volunteer efforts
to make an impact. They want
to witness their actions. Our
volunteer coordinators listen to
their interests, the times they are
available and what they prefer to
do, then they match them with
a number of nonprof it partner
agencies in Cuyahoga County,”
explains Banish.
Randy Helbert is such an ex-
ample. He shares his volunteering
thoughts, “When I was in grade
Greater Cleveland Volunteers
Randy Halpert,Volunteer
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