Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2017 Summer/Fall Edition - page 27

Boomers Resource Guide
• Summer / Fall 2017
school, it was discovered that I
had a hearing impairment. My
difficulty understanding and gain-
ing academic success was a chal-
lenge. I knew I could empathize
with others facing similar chal-
lenges.” When he told this story
he was offered several opportuni-
ties and honed in on an agency’s
work with recent refugees to
Cuyahoga County. “I called upon
my experiences and life struggles
and sought out ways to make the
academic and assimilation pro-
cess interesting to new members
of our community.”
Elva Fosh, a mother of 4,
Grandmother of 9 and Great
Grandmother of 2 had the feel-
ing to do more for herself and the
community. She turned to Greater
Cleveland Volunteers and instant-
ly knew tutoring would fill that
role. “I wanted to contribute in a
meaningful way to the community
and knew working with children
would have the most impact.”
She immersed herself into the
training and tutoring which led to
her serving as a Literacy Booster
and Team Leader in the AARP
Foundation Experience Corps
literacy tutoring program. “I can’t
wait for school to start up again
and witness how the students
grow in their literacy skills.
Volunteer Barbara Tate beams
when we asked about her volun-
teer experiences, “I’ve met about
a million different people during
my years with Greater Cleveland
Volunteers. People of all different
backgrounds, races and personali-
ties. I know that without volun-
Elva Fosh,Volunteer
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