Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2017 Summer/Fall Edition - page 28

teering I wouldn’t have had the
chance to interact with so many
wonderful people.”
After keeping a regular volun-
teer schedule, Barbara wanted a
change. She asked about the one-
day or special event opportunities.
With so many activities going on
in the community she is able to ex-
pand her volunteering experiences
and meet, greet, laugh, smile and
help the masses.
Volunteer opportunities in
Cuyahoga County includes; work-
ing with children, assisting in hun-
ger centers, helping the homeless,
mentoring/tutoring adults, serving
in various functions at arts and
cultural organizations, executing
off ice-related needs, helping at
one-day and special events.
You could be retired, you
could be working, you could be
seeking something new or dif-
ferent in your life. If so, consider
volunteering. When you have the
flexibility and know you can wit-
ness the much-needed support and
help you are giving to nonprofits,
it’s a great feeling.
Editorial provided
by Dianna M. Kall,
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