Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2013 Vol. 1 - page 24

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Cleveland
elated opening e-mails with pictures attached.
Creating a blog provides seniors with an opportunity
to use the WWW to publish an ongoing diary or commen-
tary on an area of interest. This could be about one’s life,
family history, an event, a hobby, or a particular interest.
Individuals searching the WWW can read and follow blog
postings, comment on them, and get a conversation go-
ing. Twitter allows bloggers to share thoughts and feel-
ings instantaneously with friends and family using only
140 characters and is much faster than emailing or writ-
ing. Some blogs quickly acquire an extensive following.
Seniors can use a social networking service to keep
up with family and friends, upload or view photos, and
share links and videos. The most common social net-
working sites are Facebook for general use and LinkedIn
for professional use. A social network is about mak-
ing connections with people. Seniors can manage their
online experience by creating of a profile, searching for
friends, and creating a list of users to connect with.
Skype or Face Time gives seniors the ability to see
and talk with family and friends over the WWW. Each
person’s computer must have a video camera and mi-
crophone. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the per-
son you are talking with!
Using a website such as Flickr gives seniors the ability
to publish or transfer their digital photos online through
photo/video sharing with others either privately or publi-
cally. Seniors can upload their photos at a photo sharing
website and then share them through Facebook, Twitter,
email or blogs.
Seniors may find a variety of online support groups or
communities helpful in addressing an issue of concern
such as care giving or a health condition. A support group
can be organized and managed by either its members or
professionals such as health care providers. A member—
run support group is usually managed by volunteers who
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