Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2013 Vol. 1 - page 25
have personal experience related to the group’s focus.
These groups can provide members with social networks
that present and evaluate relevant information, share
personal experiences, listen to and accept other’s experi-
ences, and offer sympathetic understanding.
Lastly, participating in on-line virtual world games is
another way senior can become engaged through social
media. A virtual world is an on-line community in which
users create an avatar which is a graphical representation
of the person. Through their avatar they can interact in
a virtual world with other avatars. Many of these virtual
worlds are limited only by boundaries of one’s fantasies.
Many people become heavily engaged because of the at-
tractiveness of the limitless nature of the games.
Issues to Consider When Using Social Media
Social media has many positive features for seniors
but there are issues that need attention. As social me-
dia sites grow in popularity, so do the risks of criminals
using them. Remember the WWW is an open informa-
tion highway, easy to access, and there is no such thing
as privacy on the Web. What you post in cyberspace is
there forever!! Therefore, you need to protect yourself.
NEVER post or provide any personal information. If
you spend time in virtual worlds don’t reveal your real
name. Use a special email account setup in your ava-
tar’s name.
Post only what you want the whole world to know
about you, whether it is information, photos, opinions,
etc. Review, on a frequent basis, what is posted by
friends and family about you. Complete strangers may-
be viewing your postings, often without your knowledge
or consent.
Know who you are connecting with, never connect
with someone you don’t know. Remember, a message
may not really be from who it says it is from. Hackers
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