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Boomers Resource Guide
• 2013 Vol. 1
As a professional fitness coach
and nutritionist, my job is to recom-
mend the most effective health solu-
tions for individuals. While mirrors
and scales don’t lie, the best way to
determine how healthy you are is
by taking some key medical tests.
The reality, however, is that most
Americans should request additional
tests, beyond standard blood work,
at their next physical. Here are five
supplementary health tests to ask for
at your next doctor’s visit:
• Antioxidants
– A 1,000 person
survey for MonaVie, a leading
nutritional products company,
with Wakefield Research
revealed that a whopping 92
percent of respondents could
not give an accurate descrip-
tion of an antioxidant. So why
is it important to test for them?
Antioxidants are molecules
that neutralize free radicals,
naturally occurring chemi-
cal compounds which can
damage cells. The more free
radicals in the body, the more
opportunity there is for illness
and premature aging to occur.
Antioxidants neutralize free
radicals and keep the body in a
more balanced state.
To maintain peak levels, you
need to consume on average
nine–13 servings of antioxi-
dant-rich fruit and vegetables
per day. Since most Americans
don’t have the time or resourc-
es to ingest those amounts,
there’s an easy solution —
liquid antioxidants. These are
convenient, tasty beverages
that don’t keep you chained to
the dinner table.
• Vitamin D
– Vitamin D plays
a vital role in the maintenance
of strong, healthy bones. Men
Additional Health Tests to Demand
from Your Doctor
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