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• 2013 Vol. 1
at a certain frequency. However, the
vibrations can become imbalanced
due to illness, injury and stress.
A Reiki treatment is usually
done on a massage table. However,
it can also be performed in a chair
or on a bed for people with mobility
challenges. The practitioner’s hands
remain mostly stationary. There is
no manipulation like in massage.
Clients remain clothed during the
session, and treatments generally
last about 60 minutes.
Reiki can help with virtually
any physical problem. Examples
include arthritis, acid reflux, joint
pain, disc degeneration, poor cir-
culation, shoulder pain, back pain,
earaches, bruising, headaches and
infection. It can also help with
mental and emotional issues such
as anxiety, depression, grief, stress,
fear, and sadness.
The idea of meditating can be
intimidating because there is a myth
that meditation requires us to clear
our minds of all thoughts. Rather,
meditation teaches us to notice our
thoughts as they come up, and to
choose not to get carried away in
our thoughts. We choose instead to
instead stay in the present moment.
There are several different forms
of meditation including Mindful-
ness, Focus, Breathing, Mantra/
Chant and Guided Imagery. For
maximum benefit, it’s best to medi-
tate daily. 30 minutes a day is ideal,
but many of us don’t have that much
time. Even 5 minutes a day is ben-
eficial. Frequency and regularity are
more important than length of time.
The regular practice of medita-
tion can help in the management
of stress-related illnesses like heart
disease and high blood pressure,
and can help us fall asleep easier at
night. Further, as we learn not to let
our thoughts, and the feelings and
emotions related to those thoughts,
carry us away with them; we will
find we get better at not letting
the feelings and emotions of life
situations carry us away with them.
We will be better at “responding”
instead of “reacting”.
Final Notes
Consult with your doctor before
beginning any new exercise, therapy
or health care program. Find a prac-
titioner who has training working
with senior adults, and make sure
that they are licensed or certified,
as required by your state.
Editorial provided by Judith
Eugene, Founder, The Loving
Hands Group and Loving Hands
Yoga and Reiki.
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