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Boomers Resource Guide
• 2013 Vol. 1
Being green is only natural
for RV travelers. A recent survey
showed that more than two-thirds of
RVers minimize water use on trips,
almost half recycle more on RV
vacations than on other types and
nearly half turn off home utilities
before they hit the road. In addi-
tion, 94% of all RVers travel with
2-7 people, meaning the vehicles
get more people miles per gallon.
Did you know that 80% of RVs
sold in the United States are actu-
ally non-motorized? And 30% of
RV owners have a diesel tow vehicle
or motorhome, promoting greater
fuel eff iciency. New ideas and
technologies are being employed by
the RV industry to create a growing
market of products that are:
New materials and
eco-friendly space-age composites
are making a difference in fuel ef-
While there will al-
ways be big boys out there, manu-
facturers are starting to produce
more small units with many desir-
able on-board amenities.
Hybrids. Chassis manufactur-
ers have developed diesel/electric
hybrid engines, boasting improved
MPG of 40% over comparably
sized gas motorhomes.
Go Green in Your RV are making
Go Green in Your RV
sleeker front ends to address wind
Eco-Friendly Components.
RV manufacturers are making
increased use of green textiles,
power-saving LED light fixtures
and eco-friendly sealants and
It’s not just RV manufacturers
that are going green, but RVers as
well. Right now, almost 20% of
RVers say they use solar panels
to power some of their on-board
RVers have a responsibility
to protect the environment. Help
preserve the great outdoors for
future generations by following
these conservation tips:
• Keep your RV on roads that it
is equipped to handle.
• Keep RV and tow vehicle en-
gines well-tuned to conserve
energy and reduce emissions.
• Always use marked RV camp-
• Recycle as you travel. Take
note of campground recycling
categories; they may be dif-
feren from those you use at
• Minimize the use of dispos-
ables. Mix your own cold
drinks from powders, and
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