Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2013 Vol. 1 - page 48

assign a mug to each fam-
ily member rather than using
paper cups. Discard excess
packaging at home.
• Keep campfires small to mini-
mize the amount of ash and
pollution. Don’t put anything
into the fire pit that will not
burn, such as plastics, foils
and metals. Observe fire rules,
which may change each day
with weather conditions.
• Use nontoxic cleaning supplies
and tank additives.
• Where pets are permitted, keep
them indoors or use a screw-in
stake. Tying them to trees can
damage fragile bark.
• Work with nature. In hot
weather, use natural shade,
awnings and canvas covers.
In cold weather, park where
the RV will be protected from
north and west winds.
• Leave the campground show-
ers, dump station and campsite
as clean as you found them.
• At the end of your trip, dispose
of all trash properly.
RV vacations are more en-
vironmentally friendly than fly/
drive/hotel vacations, according
to a study comparing total carbon
dioxide (CO2) emissions or carbon
footprints. PKF Consulting, an in-
ternationally recognized consulting
firm with expertise in travel and
tourism, found that families of four
taking RV vacations generate less
CO2 than families traveling on a
plane, renting a car and staying in
a hotel.
With nearly one billion tourists
crisscrossing the globe every year,
it’s more important than ever for
travelers to minimize their indi-
vidual impact on the earth’s natural
and cultural treasures. Taking a
green approach to travel is impor-
tant to protect the places you love
to visit, not just for yourself but for
those who come after you and for
the people who live there long after
you’ve gone home.
Article reprinted with permission
fromThe Go RVing Coalition,
formed in 1994, consists of
RV manufacturers, component
suppliers, dealers and
campgrounds. Go RVing works to
provide the public and media with
pertinent information about the
benefits of RV travel. Visit www. for more articles!
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