Senior Citizen's Guide to Metro Detroit 19 Article Housing Do you have an aging parent or relative you’re worried about? Or perhaps you’re a senior yourself, concerned about your well-being. There’s good reason to be concerned. According to the Home Safety Council, more than 7,000 adults age 65 and older die each year from injuries sustained in the home. Over half of those are caused by falls. Fortunately, many injuries are preventable. Making simple changes to the home such as installing smoke detectors, providing adequate lighting, and eliminating tripping hazards can literally mean the difference between life and death for seniors. It’s important to look out for personal safety, too. While older people are statistically less likely to be victims of violent crime, taking simple measures can ensure it doesn’t happen to you. Some police departments have seen increases in senior crime in non-violent categories such as identity theft. Farmington Hills police chief William Dwyer said seniors are often targets for this kind of crime. “They’re most vulnerable because they’re most trusting,” he said. He recommends putting a lock on your mailbox to avoid identity theft. “It takes 700 hours to get your identity back,” he said. “It only takes a moment to lose it.” Home Safety Check List: • Maintain proper lighting. To prevent falls, make sure pathways in and around the home are well-lighted. Make sure the top and bottom of stairs have plenty of light. • Install and maintain secure handrails for all Senior Safety in the Home