Senior Citizen's Guide to Metro Detroit

30 www. BoomersResourceGuide .com • Contact your local Area Agen- cy on Aging (800-677-1116) • Contact your state’s Adult Day Services Association • Ask at a local senior center or organization serving persons with developmental disabilities (as applicable) • Use a search engine to locate a center and review center websites Step 3 – Make an appoint- ment to visit the center(s) Step 4 – Know what to ask during your visit • Print out NADSA’s site visit checklist beforehand – see Step 5 – Check references • Talk to two or three people who have used the center you are considering. Ask for their opinion. Step 6 – Try it out • Select a day center and give it a try for a few days. • Keep in mind that it often takes several visits for a new participant to feel comfortable in a new setting and routine. Staff may have suggestions for making the transition easier both at home and at the center. Step 7 – Take care of yourself • Relax knowing your loved one is being well cared for. Always feel free to check in with the center and ask questions. They are there to help you! Article from the National Association of Adult Day Services,