Senior Citizen's Guide to Metro Detroit

32 Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Metro Detroit Step 1. Consider Needs I need help to: (Check any that apply) q Eat, get dressed, bathe, go to the toilet or get around the house. q Do chores such as fixing meals, paying bills and shopping. q Get care that requires a nurse or therapist. q Check my blood pressure or blood sugar, keep track of medical visits or fill my pill box. q Deal with my drug or alcohol issues. q Deal with my mental health concerns. q Make decisions and remember things I need to do. q Do social things with family or friends. q Other: _ _____________________________ I have help from: (Check any that apply) q My spouse or partner. q Family member or friend who lives with me. q Family members or friends who come over to help me. q Paid caregiver. q I do not have any regular help. I want to live: (Check only one) q In my home because that is the most important thing to me. q In my home, if my health needs are met. q In my home, but it is not best for me now. q In a different home, but closer to VA services and supports. q In a different place where I can receive more care. What do you need help with? Who helps you? Where do you want to live?