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Elder Law
Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Pittsburgh
An elder law attorney is one who is focused on the unique
issues that come with aging and brings specialized knowledge
to this particular area of law, including supporting clients and
their families through the physical and mental challenges that
may arise. Good elder law attorneys are experts in putting
together not just the legal documents that are the foundation
of a plan; they also have a network of resources to support
the client and their family and to meet their wishes as to how
they experience the aging process.
Choosing an elder law firm is a very personal one, and it
may be difficult for a family to discern the differences among
the many practitioners offering their services. You must trust
that the attorney is trustworthy, listens to your concerns,
and has your loved-one’s best interests at heart. Many legal
professionals can create a basic plan, such as a power of
attorney or living will, but a great elder law planner creates a
customized document that provides authority and flexibility,
outlines options that are most appropriate, and puts together
resources to support the goals of the family, ultimately
protecting their loved one and their estate and providing
peace of mind.
The following are guidelines for you to consider when you
are going through the process of interviewing counsel:
• Understand what an Elder Law Attorney does.
One common misunderstanding that we see in our
office is that an elder law attorney is an attorney
that assists all elderly individuals in any of their legal
needs. Elder law attorneys are attorneys that utilize
their knowledge of estate planning and combine that
knowledge with their knowledge of Medicaid planning,
long-term care planning, and health care advocacy.
Top Tips for Choosing an
Elder Law Attorney
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