Senior Citizen's Guide to Metro Detroit Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 12

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• Review Articles Published and Speaking
While day-to-day experience crafting
and implementing Medicaid planning techniques is very
important, it is also important to look for an attorney
who has published articles and demonstrates expertise
in this area of practice, including those who speak at
conferences and seminars. Drafting and publishing
articles and presenting at continuing education events
where the attorney is presenting to other attorneys
in the area of elder law demonstrates a level of
commitment and expertise which is essential when
looking for the right attorney to handle a complex elder
law case.
• Focus on Value over Price.
There are many
different strategies to utilize to qualify an individual for
Medicaid. An excellent elder law attorney will be able
to offer different options as well as the pros and cons
to each versus a one-size-fits all approach. Some plans
that appear complex and costly may render the most
benefit. This is especially true where married couples
are involved. Shopping based solely on price is not a
fair indication of the value of the services or the benefit
to the family. Some attorneys charge a flat rate that
may at first seem high, but usually a plan takes many
months to come to completion, versus an hourly fee
that has no limit. Make sure you carefully review the
retainer agreement.
• Ask if the Attorney has ever defended a plan.
The state Medicaid agency will sometimes change
their policies or procedures without notice. When
considering which attorney is the right fit for you and
your family, ask if the attorney has defended a plan
when they run into these types of roadblocks and their
success rate.
Editorial provided by Michele P. Fuller and Elizabeth Vincent of the Michigan
Law Center, PLLC,
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