Senior Citizen's Guide to Metro Detroit Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 14

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Metro Detroit
When is it time to consider senior living for a
loved one?
• Their refrigerator is empty or filled with spoiled food
or your loved one is losing weight. These could be
signs they are not eating well because shopping and/
or cooking may be difficult.
• The same clothes are worn repeatedly or personal
hygiene is being neglected. This could mean bathing
and doing laundry are both physically challenging.
• The house and yard isn’t as clean and kept up as it
was in the past
• Bruises may be a sign of your loved one falling or
facing mobility and balance challenges.
• Forgetfulness, including missing doctor appointments
and when to take medications. These are possible
signs of memory loss.
• Your loved one is depressed. Depression is common
in seniors who are isolated or alone.
• Strange or inappropriate behavior. As an example,
your loved one may dress in summer clothes on a
cold, winter day. This could be a sign of confusion.
How do you choose a senior living community?
It really boils down to the people who live and work
there and its “feel.” A place with many amenities and
a high industry ranking may be nice, but does it feel
“homey?” Will your loved one be comfortable here? Some
guidelines to follow as you search and visit senior living
communities include:
The staff:
• Are they taking the time to speak with you or are
you being rushed?
• Do they appear genuinely interested in you and your
loved one?
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