Senior Citizen's Guide to Metro Detroit Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 23
municipality to see if they offer this service and take
advantage of it.
Personal Safety Check List:
• Leave at least one light on inside and outside the
home when you’re not home.
• When you’re away for an extended period, don’t let
it show. Use timers to turn on lights at varied times
to make it look like you’re home. Cancel newspaper
deliveries, have the post office hold your mail, and
let neighbors and police know when you’ll be away.
• Consider purchasing a home alarm system. There
are comprehensive systems available that monitor
for burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and medical
• Install good locks on doors and windows and be sure
to use them. Make sure door locks are at least 40”
from any glass on or near the door.
• Do not leave keys in mailboxes or around the home
but with a neighbor or friend.
• Keep garage doors closed and all doors locked at all
• Keep bushes and trees around the home neat and
trim - don’t provide hiding places for thieves.
• Don’t enter your home if you think someone
unknown may be inside. Call 9-1-1 immediately.
• Install peepholes in all access doors. Make sure
the holes are accessible from the user’s level (for
example, for those using a wheelchair).
• Don’t let just anyone into your home. Always ask for
photo I.D. from service or delivery people, even if
you’re expecting them. If you are not sure someone
should come into your house, don’t let them in.
• Don’t leave notes on the door when going out.
• Never tell anyone on the phone you live alone. The
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