Senior Citizen's Guide to Metro Detroit Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 24

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Metro Detroit
same goes for your answering machine message.
Financial Safety List:
• Use Direct Deposit! Criminals know when
government checks arrive. Don’t let them snag
• Have a mailbox with a lock. A lot of personal
information that can be used for theft identity can be
found in your everyday mail.
• Only take out money from bank accounts for yourself
- never for anyone else.
• Don’t give out personal information over the phone.
That includes your name, address, social security
number, credit card numbers - any information that
is personal. If the person claims to be calling from a
bank and asks for personal or financial information,
hang up.
• If a deal or financial opportunity sounds too good to
be true, it probably is!
• An important note for personal and financial safety:
Be sure to report all crime and suspicious activity. If
you’d been had, don’t be embarrassed! Letting the
police know what happened will help prevent further
The Farmington Hills Police Department, Home
Safety Council, U.S. News & World Report.
Senior Safety Resources: For information about the
Farmington Hills Senior Safety Program, call 248-871-
2700. Farmington Area Commission on Aging, U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission - Older Consumers
Safety, Home Safety Council, U.S. Fire Administration,
Knox Box.
Editorial provided by Comforting Hands Companion Care.
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