Senior Citizen's Guide to Metro Detroit Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 31

Boomers Resource Guide
• Summer/Spring 2017
Choosing an Adult Day Center
Adult day centers provide a
planned program that includes a
variety of health, social and support
services in a protective setting dur-
ing daytime hours. Below are some
suggestions for choosing the right
adult day center for you or your
loved one.
Step 1 – Determine your
What specific services are im-
portant to the person using the
• A safe, secure environment?
• Social activities?
• Assistance with daily living
skills – walking, eating, taking
medications, bathing?
• Therapies – physical, speech,
occupational, nursing?
• Health monitoring – blood
pressure, blood sugar levels,
food/liquid intake, weight?
• Nutritious meals and/or
snacks? Special diet?
• Exercise programming?
• Specialized care such as de-
mentia care or TBI care?
What do you, the caregiver
• Occasional free time?
• Coverage while working?
• Transportation for your loved
• Assistance in planning care?
Step 2 – Locate an adult day
• View centers in NADSA’s
database by county or search
by zip code
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