Senior Citizen's Guide to Metro Detroit Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 8

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Metro Detroit
• Additionally, some Senior Move Manager
their fees on an hourly basis, while others prefer to
package the cost of the entire job at one price.
• NASMM members will always outline the cost of a job
through a written estimate before you are required
to submit payment.
I am interested in obtaining some help with
my mom’s move, but we can do most of the
work to save money. Can I still contact a Senior
Move Manager
to do just some of the work?
Yes, most Senior Move Managers
offer a menu
of services from which you can choose and you pay
accordingly. The ultimate goal of this industry is to ease
the stress of the move process for older adults and family
members, not add to your concerns.
What makes a Senior Move Manager
different from just a moving company? They
seem pretty similar to me ... are they?
• Senior Move Managers
provide a multi-faceted
approach to the move process: from space planning
in the beginning to post-move support and advocacy.
• Senior Move Managers
minimize the chaos and
stress associated with moving by addressing all
aspects of the move process. They are responsible
to for creating and executing a seamless action plan,
customized to the client’s wishes.
• Actually, some but not all Senior Move Managers
are also movers. Those providers that are not
movers will work closely with a reputable local
moving company to complete that aspect of the job.
• With the gentle and expert guidance of an
experienced Senior Move Manager
, older adults and
families make the key decisions without the emotional
and physical distress that can follow. As a result, they
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