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Boomers Resource Guide
• Spring/Summer 2016
There’s almost always an
emotional element associated with
selling a long-time home. SRES
designees are real estate agents that
specialize in senior needs and can
ease the transition first by talking
about your reasons for selling and
then exploring all the options either
modifying and staying in your
current home or finding a different
property to be sure you find the
very best housing solution.
designees use their
expertise and industry knowledge
to provide an honest assessment
of your proper ty and make
suggestions for improving it for
saleability. They may recommend
hiring staging professionals who
can make modifications that will
best showcase your house and
make it appeal to the broadest
audience possible.
A Seniors Real Estate
Specialist® Will Help With
Pricing and Marketing
designees can also
provide insight on current market
conditions, determine how your
property stacks up against the
competition and develop a pricing
and marketing strategy to sell your
home quickly and for the highest
possible price.
Clarifying the Financial Picture
Need assistance with sorting
out the complex decisions and
figuring out what role your real
estate investment plays in your
overall financial picture? Those
considerations include taxes,
retirement savings withdrawal
schedules, long-term care needs,
inheritance issues and others.
Designees Have
Financial Expertise For Those
Over 50
designees understand
managing capital gains and the tax
implications of owning real estate.
They can provide information that
addresses a host of issues, such
as the uses of pensions, 401K
accounts, and IRAs in real estate
transactions, and how Medicare,
Medicaid, and Social Security
affect real estate decisions for
senior citizens.
Are you or a loved one ready to
talk real estate? Get the specialized
attention you deserve. Find a local
designee today.
Moving Is Easier With a Seniors
Real Estate Specialist
designees can help
assemble an appropriate team
to ease the transition to a new
property. Movers, landscapers
Why Choose A
Seniors Real Estate Specialist?
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