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Senior Citizen's Guide to Indianapolis

Elder Law Resources in Indianapolis, Indiana Area

Please refer to the following list of law firms and organizations that offer Elder Law services in the Indianapolis area (including Boone, Hendricks, Hancock, Hamilton & Marion counties).

Indiana Department of Revenue - 317-232-2240

Indiana Legal Services - 317-631-9410 or 800-869-0212
151 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indiana State Bar Association - 317-639-5465
230 E. Ohio St., Ste. 530, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indianapolis Legal Aid Society - 317-635-9538
615 N. Alabama St., Ste. 122, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Lawyer Referral Services - 317-232-2240

Senior Law Project Indiana Legal Services - 317-631-9424
151 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46204

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