Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2013 - page 10

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Philadelphia & Suburbs
exercise may require medication. Talk to your doctor in
this case.
Check Cholesterol levels
Adults should have their cholesterol values measured
by their doctor. We say “values” because there is more
than one type of cholesterol. Interpreting a cholesterol
result usually requires explanation from your doctor. If
your numbers aren’t good, like blood pressure, changes
in your diet, exercise and reducing your weight may be
enough. Higher or persistently high levels may require
Check for Diabetes
Since diabetes is a risk factor for developing heart
disease, you should be screening for diabetes, particu-
larly if people in your family have diabetes or if a wom-
an had diabetes in pregnancy. This may be as simple
as a finger prick to obtain a drop of blood. If you have
diabetes, take measures to treat it. Like blood pres-
sure and cholesterol, the first steps for mild elevations
are diet, exercise and reducing your weight. Continued
blood sugar elevations may re-
quire medication (pills), and in
more severe cases, insulin.
You have more control than
you think. Taking control means
taking action. Take action and
change your future for you,
your family, including all those
around you whose day is made
better by your company.
Editorial provided by Caesar A. DeLeo,
MD, MHSA, Senior Medical Director,
Gateway Health.
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