Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2013 - page 11
Choosing an Adult Day Center
Adult day centers provide a planned program that
includes a variety of health, social and support services
in a protective setting during daytime hours. Below are
some suggestions for choosing the right adult day cen-
ter for you or your loved one.
Step # 1 - Determine your needs
What specific services are important to the older person?
• A safe, secure environment
• Mental stimulation
• Social activities
• Assistance with eating, walking, toileting, medicines
• Therapies - physical, speech, occupational
• Health monitoring - blood pressures, food or liquid
intake, weight
• Nutritious meals & snacks
• Special diet
• Exercise
• Personal care -
bathing, shampoos,
What do you, the
caregiver, need
• Occasional
free time
• Coverage
while working
• Transporta-
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