Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2013 - page 12

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Philadelphia & Suburbs
• Support
• Assistance in planning for care
STEP #2 – Find an adult day services center
Identify services in your area. For names and phone
numbers of the adult day centers:
• Yellow Pages (“Adult Day Care;” “Aging Services;”
“Senior Citizens’ Services,” etc.)
• To find your Area Agency on Aging (AAA):
• Pa Adult Day Services Association:
STEP #3 - Call first!
Call adult day centers and ask for a flier or brochure,
eligibility criteria, a monthly activity calendar, a monthly
menu and application procedures.
STEP # 4 - Know what to ask
Look for the following information in the material re-
• License or certification (all Adult day programs in PA
are licensed)
• Owner or sponsoring agency
• Years of operation
• Days and hours of operation
• Transportation
• Cost - Hourly or daily charge, other charges, finan-
cial assistance
• Conditions accepted - such as memory loss, limited
mobility, incontinence
• Staff credentials
• Number of staff per participant
• Activities provided – are there a variety and choice of
individual & group activities?
• Menu
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