Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2013 - page 13
STEP # 5 - Pay a visit
After reviewing materi-
als, make an appointment
to visit two or more cen-
ters that might meet your
needs. The Center should
require an Intake visit with
you and your loved one.
STEP # 6 - Try it out
Select a day center. It
may take multiple vis-
its to determine a match.
Discuss strategies for a
smooth transition before
you begin. If you have
questions or are experienc-
ing any problems, ask for
a conference. Remember
consistency is very important for a smooth transition.
STEP # 8 - Take care of yourself
Relax. Your loved one is being well cared for. Re-
member, your loved one may not be able to recall all
the activities enjoyed during the day. The staff will
gladly provide the missing details. The day center
staff is there for you, too, Ask for:
• Tips to make caregiving easier
• Additional resources available in the
Article from the National Association of Adult Day Services,
(See checklist on page 12).
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