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skilled professionals and volunteers who provide compre-
hensive medical, psychological, and spiritual care for the
terminally ill and support for patients’ families. Hospice
care also includes the provision of related medications,
medical supplies, and equipment. It is based primarily in
the home, enabling families to remain together. Trained
hospice professionals are available 24 hours a day to
assist the family in caring for the patient, to ensure that
the patient’s wishes are honored, and to keep the patient
comfortable and free from pain. Hospices are Medicare-
certified and licensed according to state requirements.
Personal Care
These agencies mostly provide non-medical services
such as companions, homemakers and just about any-
thing else people need to help them remain in their
homes. Homecare agencies and registries must be
licensed by the PA Department of Health. Some agen-
cies assign nurses to assess their clients’ needs to en-
sure that personnel are properly assigned and provide
ongoing supervision. Also, some agencies have homec-
are aides who are contractors, not employees. No mat-
ter what the business model is for a homecare agency,
consumers should understand the process and feel free
to ask questions to better understand the agency’s man-
agement and policies.
Choose Your Agency Carefully
There are plenty of people ready and willing to help
you or a loved one receive care at home. Their rec-
ommendations are helpful in making your selection,
but careful consideration should be given before mak-
ing your final selection. For a list of questions to ask,
please visit
Article provided by the Pennsylvania Homecare Association,
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